Service Contracts


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Long Air Conditioning will provide the necessary maintenance/service for your HVAC equipment twice a year. For pricing information call or ask your service representative. This includes a Winter and Summer check up with features listed below:

Winter (September/October) – Spring (March/April): Furnace/AC Clean & Check

Install gauges & check operations
Check evaporator controls
Check burners and controls
Visual inspection on ductwork & design
Adjust burner for efficiency (air & flame)
Check for gas leaks in furnace
Check voltage & amperage to all motors
Check & adjust thermostat
Check furnace for cracked heat exchanger
Check all wire connections and electrical parts
Check condensate trap & drain lines
Check outside condensing coil & condition
Inspect filters
Inspections of blower wheel and conditions
Check for proper refrigerant charge & possible leaks
Check compressor amperage & voltage



This does not include costs incurred for broken parts, leak repairs, compressor replacement, heater replacement, condenser or air handler replacement, coil replacement, TX Valves, or filter driers. Any necessary repairs will be performed upon the customer’s approval.

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