Homeowners know that there are many ups and downs that come with home ownership. However, it pays to be prepared, especially when emergencies arise. Not only are the following four emergencies inconvenient, they can be costly. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent a small mishap from becoming an emergent situation.

#1 Locked Out of the House

We’ve all been there. It’s extremely easy to lock the door while your keys are still on the counter. But instead of trying to jimmy the lock and cause potential damage that could cost you, try these tips instead.

Look for a spare key. Where are the other people that have a key to your home? Though it may seem inconvenient, calling a friend is smarter and cheaper than trying to break your locks or breaking in through a window. If you find yourself without a spare key, be sure to hide one away in case you ever get locked out again.

Call a professional. Don’t damage your door, windows or locks. Call a local locksmith and wait for them to help get back inside. Their services are sure to be cheaper than replacing the locks, windows or your door.

#2 Power Outage

During a power outage, it is important to be careful to protect your safety and your pocketbook. Before you head to the breaker box, be sure that you unplug all electronics. This will help you avoid costly replacements in the event of a power surge. Also keep your refrigerator closed to trap cold air and reduce the chance of spoiled food.

#3 Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is an awkward emergency, but also one that happens to many of us. When your toilet water begins to spill over the edge of the porcelain bowl, you need to take both quick and immediate action. Avoid costly water damage and repairs by trying these steps below.

Control the water flow. Don’t worry about mopping up the water right away. Stop the flow of water by opening the back of the toilet, pressing the flapper valve, and lifting the float to cut off water supply. Then wait until the water levels return to normal before grabbing towels.

Take matters into your own hands. If you have a plunger handy, take action. Be sure there is enough water still in the bowl to cover the plunger, and keep plunging until the problem is resolved.

#4 Broken HVAC

In the high temperature summers or the chilly winter, it is important to have an operational HVAC system. Be sure you schedule regular maintenance so you can stay comfortable in the extreme temperatures of East Texas. If your system does break down, be sure to head the following tips to keep you safe and comfortable.

Get out of the house. Extreme cold or heat isn’t just a matter of comfort. It can be detrimental to your health. If your system breaks down, don’t panic. Simply take the family to a movie or the local pool, or hang out at a friend’s house.

Get on a regular schedule. Don’t wait until the absolute last minute to maintain your HVAC system. Replace your air filters regularly, and don’t ignore strange noises coming from your unit. While maintenance may cost a little in the short-term, it can prevent expensive problems down the road.

Get help from a professional. Whether you need to fix your system or upgrade it to a new, energy saving unit from Trane, don’t try to do it yourself. The HVAC experts at Long Air Conditioning can help from maintenance to unit replacement and so much more. Call 936-756-5645 or visit longac.com.