Colder weather has arrived at last. While the beginning of winter signals the holidays and end of the year celebrations, it won’t be all fun and games if your furnace starts acting up. If your home’s heating system isn’t working properly, whether it’s blowing cold air or not working at all, you and your family may be in for some cold nights ahead. Fortunately, our HVAC experts have compiled a list of furnace troubleshooting tips that can help. Check them out below.

Tip #1: Be Sure Your Thermostat is Properly Configured

Sometimes when it comes to troubleshooting your HVAC system, you should start with the obvious. Newer thermostats have settings to make it easier to control your home comfort, but if they aren’t programmed properly, you’ll be left out in the cold. Make sure that your thermostat is turned to “heat” mode and that the temperature is set to where you want it. Maybe someone accidentally turned it off or set it up improperly. If you’ve done this and it looks to be set up properly, adjust the temperature to a few degrees higher, and see if anything changes.

If your thermostat is broken, our team can help. We offer a variety of programmable thermostats by Trane, like the COMFORTLINK™ II XL1050, and we can assist you in finding the one that best suits your needs.

Tip #2: Replace Dead Thermostat Batteries

Your thermostat cannot communicate with your furnace if its batteries have died. If you have a battery-powered thermostat, try switching out the old batteries with new ones and see if that helps.

Tip #3: Switch Your Furnace Filter

Furnaces, especially newer gas ones, are equipped with technology that allows them to turn themselves off to avoid overheating. Dirty filters can not only affect the air quality of your home, but can actually cause your furnace to shut down. Switch out your filters and see if your problem improves.

Tip #4: Double Check Your Circuit Breaker

Did you just simply blow a fuse? Double check to make sure. Locate your fuse box and look for the switch that should be marked “furnace.” If yours doesn’t say furnace, look for a switch that’s flipped the opposite way of the others, and turn it back. If that works, you’ve solved it, and should be back to comfortable and cozy in no time.

Tip #5: Check The Fuel Valve

Make sure to be extra careful when checking to see if your fuel valve was turned off, as you’re dealing with propane or gas. If you smell gas, get ahold of an HVAC technician immediately, as leaks are very hazardous.

When To Contact an Expert

After you’ve gone through this troubleshooting guide and you’re still having issues, contact our professional HVAC technicians for help. Additionally, if you’re experiencing any of the following, be sure to reach out to a professional for assistance:

  • Gas Line Issue
  • Noisy Furnace
  • Faulty Pilot Light or Furnace Flame
  • Incorrectly Installed Furnace

If you need a new furnace entirely, our team of experts can help you find a replacement. With our extensive line of Trane products, like the highly-efficient XC95m or the ultra quiet S9V2-VS, you can rest assured that your home will be warm and comfortable for many winters to come.

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