Whether you’re hoping to save money on your heating and cooling costs, or are looking for ways to make your home more innovative and easier to manage, upgrading to a smart thermostat is an easy switch to make. With its numerous technological features designed to reduce your energy usage, a smart thermostat is a good choice for you, your home and your wallet. Take a look at five reasons why switching to a smart thermostat is an investment you should make.

Controlling Your Home Comfort From Anywhere

Whether you’re working from your home office or are out of town on vacation, with a smart thermostat, the last thing you have to worry about is the temperature of your home. A smart thermostat pairs with any smartphone, tablet or laptop and allows you to adjust settings in your home with just a few clicks of a button. You can turn off your A/C if you forgot to before heading out of town on vacation, or set it to begin cooling if you decide to come back early.

If you’re working from home, you don’t have to stop in the middle of your work day to head to your control panel just to adjust the temperature. You’ll stay cool and comfortable all day long with the help of a smart thermostat.

Learning Your Family’s Comfort Behaviors

While older programmable thermostats require homeowners to update their comfort settings whenever their patterns change, smart thermostats automatically keep track of the adjustments you make throughout the year. They use this information to self-program and keep you and your family comfortable, without you having to make a ton of manual changes.

Smart thermostats are also equipped with occupancy sensing. They’ll shut off your A/C or furnace if they notice nobody has been in the home for awhile. Then, when you return, they’ll turn it back on. Just be mindful to turn this setting off if you’re leaving pets in your home!

Saving You Money

Because of the intuitive features of a smart thermostat, like learning your behaviors and being adjustable from anywhere, homeowners are in the driver’s seat when it comes to their home comfort costs. The ability to fine tune your HVAC settings to maximize energy and cost savings is just one of many reasons that The U.S. Department of Energy has recommended smart thermostats to all homeowners.

Alerting You of Danger and Helping You Manage Your Energy Usage

If you’re connected to your smart thermostat’s app, it will alert you anytime there is an extreme change in temperature. This will keep you and your family safe and let you know when it’s time to service your AC or furnace. It can also remind you to replace your air filters–an important task that many homeowners forget.

Additionally, if you’re looking to reduce your energy usage, smart thermostats can generate monthly reports about your usage and suggest ways for you to use less.

Installation Made Easy

Fortunately, smart thermostats can be installed easily, though they aren’t always compatible with every HVAC system. At Long AC, our experienced technicians have seen and done it all when it comes to installing some of the best smart thermostats on the market, like the Trane ComfortLink™ II XL1050. Trane’s smart thermostats allow you to easily and remotely control your home comfort needs. To learn more about how our line of smart thermostats can save you money and energy, or to schedule an appointment, visit longac.com/contact or call (936) 756-5645.