Maintenance of your heating and cooling system is important. If you own a Trane unit, you know that Trane products offer quality and efficiency, but keep in mind that they still require some support. Servicing your HVAC routinely can also shed light on a lot of issues that can be easily prevented. Continue reading to review tips on how to keep up with your HVAC maintenance.

How Often Should Maintenance be Scheduled

  • For Heating and Cooling units, it is best to schedule an appointment in the Spring and Fall to prepare for the hotter and cooler climates.
  • Air Conditioning units should be scheduled once every year. It is recommended that service should be done in late winter or early spring before the hotter months.
  • Furnaces should also be scheduled once a year during late summer or early fall before the cooler seasons.

What You Can Do at Home

Here are some basic tips that can be done to help your system run efficiently:

  • Change the filter every 3-6 months to keep the air quality clean.
  • Trim and remove any trees or plants from your outdoor unit on all sides.
  • Keep your outdoor unit clean by removing debris. (Ex. Leaves, snow, dust, dirt, etc…)
  • Report to a professional if you hear strange noises coming from your unit.

Seasonal Checklist

The difference in seasons will also affect your unit, so knowing how to accommodate for the seasons and the environment will also help your system last longer.

For Spring/Fall outdoor maintenance, it is important to keep your unit clean by routinely removing debris. This can be done by inspecting the bedpan for blocked drain openings, the coil and cabinet for holes and leaks, the fan blades to determine wear and tear, and finally the control box to make sure it is clean.

Indoor maintenance for Spring/Fall is equally important. As mentioned before, replacing and cleaning your filters are key to keeping the airflow clean. Checking for odd odors, abnormal noises, and leaks in the ductwork will also be beneficial in the long run to prevent major problems.


Besides maintenance, here are additional tips on how to make your energy consumption more efficient for both the environment and your bills.

Suggestions to keep in mind for Cooling:

  • Make use of drapes and curtains to block out the heat during the day.
  • Have a properly ventilated attic.
  • Set ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise.
  • Cook outside if possible to avoid indoor insulation.

Ideas to keep in mind for Heating:

  • Keep all windows closed to avoid heat escaping your home.
  • Check your heating vents to make sure they are clean.
  • Close all windows to ensure that warm air does not escape.
  • For larger numbers of guests, lower the thermostat.

When to Call a Professional

Routine maintenance is important for preventing damage, but sometimes your AC unit will give out for reasons that are out of your control. This is when you should call a Long Air expert to diagnose your situation.

Here is a list of important signs to look for:

  • Inconsistency in temperature levels.
  • Water damage to your unit.
  • An imbalance between your energy bill and usage.
  • Damages to any part of your outdoor unit.
  • An electrical burning smell.

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